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Chairing WHA 2020 Session: “Partnering with Buffalo Bill: Collaboration and Popular Memory”

I am privileged to chair this WHA 2020 roundtable session that brings a diverse panel of nine scholars together to examine the nature of the collaborations (both literal and conceptual) that the likes of fellow performers Annie Oakley, Texas Jack Omohundro, and Bill Sweeney; business partners George Beck and Pawnee Bill; and myth-makers Mark Twain, Nate Salsbury, and Major. John M. Burke forged with William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody. Individually and collectively, the panelists will seek to understand what these collaborators meant to each other and what may have been distinctive about the means, purpose, and outcomes of their work together. This session is informed by the scholarly editing work appearing in The William F. Cody Archive, housed at the Buffalo Bill Center of the West, and The Papers of William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody series published in collaboration with the University of Nebraska Press where many of the panelists have or will serve as volume editors. Collectively, the panelists will address how these various collaborations expand or complicate our understanding of the ways the frontier West was reimagined for a global audience.